KSHSAA State Wrestling

Welcome back, state wrestling fans and athletes! Below is the schedule of events for this year’s 5A and 6A tournament at.Hartman Arena. Tickets will go on sale the within 2 weeks of the event. Please check back here for a link to buy. Good luck to all the state quailifiers!
Friday, February 28, 2020
8:00am Weigh-ins for all participants
9:30am Line up for the Opening Ceremonies
9:45am Opening Ceremonies – Parade of Athletes
10:00am 1st Round (4 mats)
Break 30 minutes for lunch
2nd Round Championship Quarterfinals (4 mats)
3rd Round 1st round of Consolation Matches (4 mats)
Break 10 minutes
4th Round Championship Semifinals (2 mats)
(Draw for finals starting weight class)
Saturday, February 29, 2020
7:00am Weigh-ins for all participating athletes
9:00am 5th Round Consolation Wrestle backs (4 mats)
6th Round Consolation Quarterfinals (4 mats)
Break 30 minutes for lunch
7th Round Consolation Semifinals (4 mats)
Break 15 minutes
8th Round 3rd place matches (inside 2 mats)
5th place matches (outside 2 mats)
Break – 45 minutes
Parade of Champions